Recently bought a new phone? Here are 15 of the best accessories you need to buy today

We have created a list of must have accessories for both iPhone and Android. Although technology is adapting and our phones are better than ever, there are still some things that they can’t do. The use of accessories will allow us further their ability to really get the best out of them. Continue reading below for more information.

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Charge two of your favourite devices at one time

The introduction of smart watches was great as it was a new product and everybody had to try them! However, now we are used to their presence, we aren’t really sure of their purpose. In addition to this, awkward design choices have also been reintroduced into technology. See other computer parts.

The Apple Watch certainly isn’t an exception, but the creators from Beklin have created something magnificent. The Valet Charge Dock for both Apple Watch & iPhone. It’s a great platform to charge both devices at once and acts as a fancy pedestal. Check out the reviews.

Play music on the go

Even the best smartphones don’t come with the greatest speakers, which is why we recommend investing in some Bluetooth speakers, such as the UE Boom. Ultimate Ears’ line-up wireless speakers are some of the best on the market with extended wireless range and impeccable sound quality. Buy yours here.

Add your own touch of style

We all know that phone cases are made to add a little bit of extra protection to the phone as smartphones can easily be damaged, but they can do much more than this. Designing your own iPhone case allows you to add your own touch of style to it and can even act as a sentimental gift for a loved one. See more info.

Click here to design a phone case for the almost-here iPhone 8 Plus, which is likely to be released next month.

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