Data protection lawsThe General Data Protection Regulation will develop the way businesses process and handle data. Boo Memory’s guide will explain everything you need to know.

In about 6 month’s time, Europe’s data protection rules will undergo the biggest changes that have been seen for two decades. As the digital information that we experience has expanded massively, the old Data Protection Act was becoming outdated. See how it can affect your business.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is the EU’s new framework for data protection regulations. It will replace the previous Data Protection Act – 1998. The GDPR has been introduced to give greater protection and more rights to individuals. Please get in touch.

The overall GDPR summary

Who is going to enforce it in the UK?
The Information Commissioner’s Office
When does the new legislation start?
May 25th 2018
What is going to change?
New rights have been added for people’s personal information and much more

Ensuring your business is ready

There are various steps that need to be taken to ensure your company is in compliance with the regulation changes. However, knowing what to do can be a difficult task and is best left to the professionals. Call 0115 824 8244 today.

IT consultants and specialists will be able to discuss necessary tasks and guide your organisation through the entire process. Find out more here.